For over a century the Jacksonville Beach Volunteer Life Saving Corp has stood watch over Jacksonville’s Beaches, to protect the lives of residents and visitors who come throughout the year to enjoy our beautiful shores and abundant sunshine. Since the summer of 1912, when a dozen volunteers formed the United States Volunteer Life Saving Corps at what was then called Pablo Beach, Florida, an uninterrupted chain of men and women have stepped forward to wear the distinctive uniform of “The Corps”. Today, our volunteer ranks include more than 120 active members and hundreds of alumni of the Corps who proudly hold the title of “Retired Surfman.” Members of the Corps have recorded over 1,400 lifesaving rescues and over 1,800 assists to swimmers in distress and more than 25,000 first aid cases which range from jellyfish to broken limbs. This extraordinary record of selfless service to the community has been accomplished over 1,300,000 hours of volunteer service along with the 4,000 members and alumni of the Volunteer Life Saving Corps. With your donation, we will continue provide training, serve our community and most importantly stand over our shore with courage and valor.  

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Summer 19 Recruit Class


The names and faces may change, but the Corps remains the same. In some years Corp members wore white linen suits, others blue jeans. They’ve had crew cuts and shoulder length hair. Lately, some have sported “in” haircuts and earrings. But while each has been a reflection of their time, we carry their traditions. We have all served our community and have all, in turn, gained a great deal of character and experience. And when a member has to move on, they never “leave.” The memories, friendships, and tremendous pride travel with them wherever they go.

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