What do the flags mean on the lifeguard tower?

When you see a flag flying on a lifeguard tower, it means that a lifeguard is on duty. Sometimes you will see a lifeguard dropping their flag, waving their flag, and sometimes placing their flag at a 90 degree angle while standing on top of their tower. Those acts are acts of relaying emergency information between other lifeguards nearby.

What do I do if a jellyfish stings me?

Do not touch the sting site. Immediately seek lifeguard attention for appropriate treatment. Usually, treatment for a jellyfish sting is a mixture of vinegar and saline water which helps alleviate the pain. Please remember that one who is allergic to bees, wasps, and/or ants is possibly allergic to jellyfish as well.

Can I sleep/camp on the beach?

No. According to Jacksonville Beach City Ordinance Sec. 16-10, sleeping, lodging, and camping is not allowed on the beach at any time.

How do I access the beach if I am disabled?

Handicap accessible ramps are located at 5th Ave. North, Beach Blvd and 1st Street, and 6th Ave. South.

Beach wheelchairs are also available at the Lifeguard Station. Please call the Lifeguard Station at 904-249-9141.

What are condition flags and what do they mean?

Lifeguards throughout the United States have adopted a set of flags to alert bathers of the present ocean conditions. In the absence of condition flags, bathers should be cautious of going into the water.

What should I do if I cannot find my child at the beach?

When family members get separated from their children, they need to immediately report to the nearest lifeguard. It is highly advised that you look for your missing child before seeking assistance. In the event that there is not a lifeguard present, call 911 immediately. We recommend that you teach your child to go to the lifeguard immediately in the event that they cannot find the people they came to the beach with.

Are there public restrooms/ outdoor showers in Jacksonville Beach?

Restrooms are located at 2nd Ave. North, 5th Ave. North, and 19th Ave. North.

Outdoor showers are located at 2nd Ave. North, 5th Ave. North, 19th Ave. North, and 7th Ave. South

What should I do if a lifeguard is whistling at me when I am in the water?

When a lifeguard is whistling at you, they are trying to alert you to move away from a dangerous area, such as in a rip current. You should follow all of the lifeguard’s hand signals. In the event that you do not know what to do or whether or not the lifeguard is whistling at you, you should get out of the water and ask the lifeguard.

Is there a way I can hire a lifeguard for my private event?

Of course; click here to fill out a request sheet and a lifeguard will be in touch as soon as possible.

How can I support the Volunteer Life Saving Corps?

Click here to see the many ways you can give back to the VLSC.